Sinners can be winners too – Three minutes series


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Published from “Three Minutes” series written by A.S.Rajagopalan Swami of Ohio.

srIman nAma procya
ke na prApur vAnchithaM
pApino api
hA naH pUrvaM vAk pravR^itta
na tasmim
tena prAptaM garbha vAsAdi

(kulashekhara AzvhAr,
mukunda mAlA -26)



ke = who,
api = even
pApino = sinners
procya = (by) saying it out aloud
srIman = the blessed
nAma = name
nArAyaNa-akhyam = called nArAyaNa
na prabhur = did not get fulfilled
vAncitham = their own desires
hA = oh!
naH = We
pUrvam = (in) earlier (lives and)
pravR^itta = deeds (karma)
vAk = (used the) speech
na tasmim = not in that way.
tena = Hence
duHkham = (the) misery
vAsAdi = (of) residing
garbha = (in the) womb
prAptam = (is what we have) achieved

mukundamAlA, composed by kulashekhara AzhvAr is one of the most celebrated hymns of deep devotional outcry (bhakthi paravasam) offered as a garland (mAlA) of verses to Lord kR^iShNa.

These prayer songs are simply elegant and open up the heart of King kulashekhara, a fervent devotee of shrI VaiShNava tradition (sampradAyam). The total number of verses (shloka-s) vary from 40 to 53, depending on the source.

Even those who have committed the most cruel sins are pardoned and blessed with their desires, just by shouting out the name of Lord shrIman nArAyaNa. If so, why are we still suffering by living in the womb and going through the birth /death cycles? It could have been a result of not chanting that power speech in our earlier lives. What a pity!

Here, AzhvAr brings out the glory of pronouncing the Lord’s name (Bhagavat nAma sankIrtanam). He specifically stresses the benefit of reciting the eight lettered mantra (aShtAkShara mantra) and the losses in not doing so. King kulashekhara reiterates what other traditional holy scripts have been emphasizing all along.

shrImad bhAgavatam describes the story of AjAmiLan. Though he was not pious throughout most of his life, in the last minute, on his deathbed, while shouting out at his son, he indirectly referred the Lord’s name and so received the blessings. Other AzhvArs also claimed such magnanimous effects of this mantra. “nAn kaNdu koNdEn nArAyaNA ennum nAmam” ( I figured out the name of nArAyaNan), “moitta valvinaiyuL mUnRu ezuttu uDaiyapErAl” (within all this sad karma, with the three worded mantra) etc. svAmi deshikan says even if one blabbers (jalpanta) Lord’s name, it is good enough; the Lord knows your intent. Along these lines, kulashekhara AzhvAr says, all you have to do is to make an attempt.

What we learn from here

1. No need to be sad about the past. Anyone can be a better person starting from today. Lord loves every single thing no matter they are good or bad.
2. Understanding about oneself is half the solution. If accidentally pronouncing Lord’s name can bring such a return, imagine what would happen if one puts the mind into the Lord.
3. 3Rs – Repent, Reform, Rejoice. Understand the mistakes, take a vow not to repeat them; enjoy each day thinking about the Lord; Also, be grateful to what He has already blessed on you.
4. Chanting purifies the mind and induces calmness. Their  influence is beyond spiritual life. Start chanting simple names of the Lord – rAma, kR^iShNa, govinda, nArAyaNa etc. There is no need to chant complex mantras. He will guide you.

Large streams flow from little fountain Tall oaks grow from little acorns




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