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Kaamaaseekashtakam – Learners Series Audio

A half mile away in the South Easterly direction of Thuppul (the birth place of Swami Desikan), lies the Divya Desam of ThiruvELukkai, where Kama Aasikaa Narasimhan is the presiding deity. He is also known as Mukunda Nayakan. Swami Desikan composed a beautiful Ashtakam in honor of this Narasimhan, who is sitting in a Yogic posture on the southern side of Vegavathi River.

This post contains Stotra Paatam/Learning method (Sandhai) for Kaamaaseekashtakam. Stotra Paatam has to be done in person with an aacharyan and this audio to be used as a guideline for practicing the stotras.

Recitation without Paatam

Stotra Paatam File for Learners (Click play below to get started)



Pdf files can be downloading using following link:

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