Kokku Endru Ninaithaayo – Power of Pathi-Vratha Dharmam

This article – ‘Kokku Endru Ninaithaayo’ (Do you think me of as a Crane) explains about the power and significance of pathivratha dharmam / Stri Dharmam. Many of our aacharyas has quoted this puranic event in their works.┬áIf any of the readers of Anudinam is interested to translate this Tamil article in English for the benefit of readers who find it difficult to read in Tamil, please mail us at: srivaishnavanews@gmail.com, Thanks


To read the above article in English, please visit Do you take me for a Crane O Kongkanava! The Power of Virtuous Women

For more information and articles about Stri Dharmam visit: http://anudinam.org/category/womens/

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