Veeraraghava Perumal Teppotsavam at Thiruvallur


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Ani theppam of Sri Veeraraghava Perumal was held in Thiruvallur (Thiruevvul) between 19th June  2012 to 21st June 2012 for 3 days.

The Aani theppam at Thiruvallur was performed for 3 days starting from Aani Amavasai.  During these three days moolavar was adorned with muthangi. Perumal is be worshiped in Muthangi Sevai only in these three days.

On the last day (21st June 2012) Sri Veeraghava Perumal had the purappadu by 4 pm to the Thirukkulam.   Thirumanjanam was performed at the Neerazhi Mandapam between 4.30 and 5.15pm.  After Thirvaadhanam and Ghosti viniyogam to all the devotees, Sri Veeraraghavar had pathi Ulathal around the Mandapam.  Thereafter, perumal had the theppam (3 rounds).  On getting out of the theppam, perumal had Veedha ghosti with Ubhaya vedam.”

Video recorded from TTD, 21st June 2012: Thanks to Shri Veeraraghavan, Mumbai and Photos thanks to Shri Balaji N V, Shri Kakuthan and Shri Ashiwin












Located about 50kms from Madras on the Madras-Arakkonam rail route is Veera Raghava Perumal koil in Thiru Evvalur (now Thiruvellur).

The story of ‘Thiru Evvul”

Childless couple Punniyar and his wife undertook Saali Yaagam at Badri. Pleased with their prayers, Lord Vishnu appeared before them and granted their wish and asked them to name the child as Saali Hothran.

Later Saali Hothran came to this place as part of his pilgrimage. To test his devotion, Lord Vishnu came to his ashram disguised as an old hungry Brahmin and asked for food. The sage shared half the food he had, but the old Brahmin seemed to have a larger appetite. Unsatisfied with what he got, the Brahmin wanted more. Not thinking twice, the sage shared the remaining half.

Having consumed the entire food and not leaving anything for the sage, the old Brahmin now wanted a place to lie down and asked the Sage “ In which place could I sleep – ‘Padukka Evvul’. The sage showed him the mat where the Brahmin could lie in peace. And to his surprise, Saali Hothran found the old Brahmin transform himself into Lord Vishnu with his head resting Southward and he lay there with his right hand blessing the Sage, pleased with his wonderful hospitality.

Asked for a wish, Saali Hothran requested the Lord to stay in the same posture in the same place so others could have a darshan of him too.

Hence this place came to be called Thiru ‘Evvul’ which in due course became Thiruvellur.

It is believed that Lord Veera Raghava Perumal answers the sincere prayers of Childless couples. It is also believed that one will be cleansed of all sins if he devotes himself to Veera Raghava Perumal.

The Doctor in Lord
The Lord is also said to liberate one from different kinds of diseases. Hence he is called the ‘Doctor’ Vaidhya Veera Raghavan. Legend has it that Lord Veera Raghava Perumal came in the dreams of Vadalur Ramalingar, a staunch Saivite, who was down with a severe stomach ache. It is believed that Vadalur Ramalingar sang 5 verses in praises of Lord Vishnu and his disease is said to have been cured.

No moon Day- A special occasion at Veera Raghava Perumal temple

It is sacred to immerse in the temple tank on the Amaavasai day, which is said to be very special at this temple.

The temple is administered by Ahobila Mutt and Srimath Azhagiya Singar.

Priests recount stories of them walking 5-6 kms to get water for the Lord , in times of severe water scarcity in days gone by.

Quick Facts

Moolavar : Veera Raghavan Bhujanga Sayanam East Facing
Goddess : Kanakavalli

Azhvaar : 12 Paasurams – Thirumangai 1058-67, 2674 , Thiru Mazhisai 2417

Temple Timing : 630am-12noon, 4pm-8pm

Priest : PVS Bhattar
Contact : 044 27660378 / 2766 4360
Address : 27 Sannadhi Street Thiruvallur 602 001

Festivals : 9 day Brahmotsavam in the Tamil calendar month of Thai(Jan-Feb). The Lord visits Eekadu Village about 5kms from the temple each day of the brahmotsavam in a separate vaahanam

10 day Brahmotsavam in Tamil Calendar month of Chitrai

In Panguni(March-April), the Lord goes on a procession to Puttur Village, about 6 kms from here and into the river for Thiru Ooral Utsavam.

How to reach Thiruvellur

By train- One can take the suburban train from Madras- Thiruvellur

By bus- There are direct town buses between Madras and Thiruvellur
One can also take the Tirupathi bound buses to reach Thiruvellur.

The Divya Desam is a 5 min walk from the Thiruvellur bus stand

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