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Prasadams for Tiruppavai days

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Following are prasadams for the important paasurams of Thiruppavai : 

3rd Pasuram - sarkkarai Pongal
7th Pasuram - Pulihorai
12th Pasuram - sarkkarai Pongal
16th Pasuram - Daddhojanam, Pulihorai, sarkkarai Pongal
18th Pasuram - sarkkarai Pongal
23rd Pasuram - sarkkarai Pongal
24th Pasuram - Daddhojanam
27th Pasuram - Daddhojanam, Pulihorai, Payasam
28th Pasuram - Daddhojanam
29th Pasuram - Daddhojanam, sarkkarai Pongal, Pulihorai
30th Pasuram - Appam 

The above are the special prasadams to be offered in addition to the venpongal everyday.
For recipes visit following links

sakkara pongal-

ven pongal-

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  1. p.srinivas says:

    excellent recipes. Thanks a lot.

    Please email the latest recipes along with old recipes.

    Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

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Prasadams for Tiruppavai days