Published On: 25 September 2013 3:12 pm

Padhuka Sahasram Santhai CD


Shri UshappAkkam VijayarAghavachariyAr and Shri Perumal Koil PV Satakopa Thathachariyaar swami has recorded pAdhukA sahasram in Santhai form with clear pronounciation so that even a novice can easily follow and learn.

Sri pAdhukA sahasram composed by our Thoopul Kulamani is the saaraamsam of Srimad Ramayana as well as a great grantha that tells the in-depth meaning of 32 akshara nrusimha bheeja mantra rahasya in its 32 paddhathis. This work came in the glory of Swami Nammazhwar and composed within one yAmam.

Srimad Srimushnam Andavan (Srimad RangarAmAnuja Mahadesikan) in the pAdhukA Sahasram kannda version book release told this is a wonderful grantham where even if someone tries to copy and create a grantham on his own, they cannot match desikan’s masterpiece. Such is this grantham’s beauty and many do parAyanam regularly like Srimad Ramayana.

Here is a great chance to learn pAdhukA sahasram with proper padham and also with proper pronounciation.

The CD’s can be obtained from

Swami Can be contacted at : Sridesika Dasan <> mobile: 09447573942

Courtesy : Aasuri Lakshmi Narasimhan

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  1. Namaskarams!
    I would like to know if I can get these Paduka Sahasram CDs in Chennai, to be forwarded to Dallas, USA.
    Thank you,

  2. srinath says:

    send ur mail Id to contact 09447573942

  3. Sri:

    I have been living in the USA for over 15 years. Adiyen visits your website everyday and this has become my daily habit to visit your website first thing in the morning.

    This is the one stop shop for the entire Sri vaishnavite community in the universe. I would really appreciate If you can post the daily sheet calendar along with panchaga sangraham (in TAMIL & ENGLISH) of munitraya and abhobila mutt sampradayam. Also publish a list of.AzhwAr AchArya Thirunakshatram dates for the entire year.

    Chettipunniyam Thotnavur Srinivasan
    Foothill Ranch,CA,USA

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Padhuka Sahasram Santhai CD