Kalasa Prathishtai At Nagapattinam Sri Soundararaja Perumal Temple


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Ahead of the Mahasamprokshanam at Sri Soundararaja Perumal Divya Desam, Nagapattinam to be held on February 2, 2014, today, January 30, 2014; Vijaya Varusha Thai Uthiradam, Kalasa Prathishtai took place in a grand manner. The kalasams were taken in procession in the morning prior to the prathishtai. Earlier in May 2013, Balalayam took place and related photographs could be viewed at Balalayam at Naagai Soundaraja Perumal Temple

For the Samprokshanam pathrigai, please visit http://anudinam.org/2013/12/23/nagai-sri-soundararaja-perumal-kovil-jeernotharana-astabhandana-mahasamprokshanam/ Anudinam will be exclusively covering the Mahasamprokshanam from Nagai on February 2, 2014.

The following are some of the photographs taken earlier today on the occasion of Kalasa Prathishtai…

Nagai_Samprokshanam_000 Nagai_Samprokshanam_001 Nagai_Samprokshanam_002 Nagai_Samprokshanam_003 Nagai_Samprokshanam_004 Nagai_Samprokshanam_005 Nagai_Samprokshanam_006 Nagai_Samprokshanam_009 Nagai_Samprokshanam_010 Nagai_Samprokshanam_011 Nagai_Samprokshanam_012 Nagai_Samprokshanam_015 Nagai_Samprokshanam_016 Nagai_Samprokshanam_017 Nagai_Samprokshanam_019 Nagai_Samprokshanam_022 Nagai_Samprokshanam_024 Nagai_Samprokshanam_026 Nagai_Samprokshanam_027 Nagai_Samprokshanam_028 Nagai_Samprokshanam_031 Nagai_Samprokshanam_033 Nagai_Samprokshanam_034 Nagai_Samprokshanam_035 Nagai_Samprokshanam_040 Nagai_Samprokshanam_041 Nagai_Samprokshanam_044 Nagai_Samprokshanam_045 Nagai_Samprokshanam_047 Nagai_Samprokshanam_048 Nagai_Samprokshanam_049 Nagai_Samprokshanam_050 Nagai_Samprokshanam_053 Nagai_Samprokshanam_054 Nagai_Samprokshanam_055 Nagai_Samprokshanam_056 Nagai_Samprokshanam_057 Nagai_Samprokshanam_058 Nagai_Samprokshanam_060 Nagai_Samprokshanam_063 Nagai_Samprokshanam_065 Nagai_Samprokshanam_066 Nagai_Samprokshanam_067 Nagai_Samprokshanam_072 Nagai_Samprokshanam_078 Nagai_Samprokshanam_079 Nagai_Samprokshanam_082 Nagai_Samprokshanam_083 Nagai_Samprokshanam_086 Nagai_Samprokshanam_088 Nagai_Samprokshanam_090 Nagai_Samprokshanam_092 Nagai_Samprokshanam_093 Nagai_Samprokshanam_095 Nagai_Samprokshanam_096 Nagai_Samprokshanam_102 Nagai_Samprokshanam_108 Nagai_Samprokshanam_110 Nagai_Samprokshanam_116 Nagai_Samprokshanam_119 Nagai_Samprokshanam_122 Nagai_Samprokshanam_126 Nagai_Samprokshanam_129 Nagai_Samprokshanam_130 Nagai_Samprokshanam_132 Nagai_Samprokshanam_134 Nagai_Samprokshanam_136 Nagai_Samprokshanam_137 Nagai_Samprokshanam_139 Nagai_Samprokshanam_140 Nagai_Samprokshanam_141 Nagai_Samprokshanam_144 Nagai_Samprokshanam_152 Nagai_Samprokshanam_153 Nagai_Samprokshanam_156 Nagai_Samprokshanam_157 Nagai_Samprokshanam_168 Nagai_Samprokshanam_173 Nagai_Samprokshanam_175 Nagai_Samprokshanam_176 Nagai_Samprokshanam_177 Nagai_Samprokshanam_178

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  1. Excellant and very very good
    Even though physical presence was not possible due to age and financial constraints was able to llok at the function as if i am physicall present

    thanks a lot for the team

    Seeking the blessings of Lord Narayan to those who have made it possible



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