Mannargudi Rajagopalaswami Temple Panguni Brahmotsavam Day 11


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Rajagopalaswami Brahmotsavam Sesha-09

As part of the ongoing Panguni Brahmotsavam at Mannargudi  Sri Rajagopalaswami Temple, on March 29, 2014, Vijaya Varusha Panguni Purattathi;  Day 11 of the utsavam was celebrated. In the morning, Perumal purappadu started at 8 am in Pallaku. Firstly the Divya Prabanda goshti Thodakam took place before Emperumanar Sannathi in the Temple. The Perumal Sadagopan was taken by the Deeshithar along with Kattiyam and Theevati and garlanded to Emperumanar.  After that the Sadagopam was performed to all the gosshtikars who started Thodakkam. After that Perumal Thiruveedhi Ula on the four Prakarams called “Gopala Samuthiram” South Street, West Street, North Street and then East Street. In this four Prakarams, all the Bakthas in their houses performed pooja with Prasadam and aarathi. Along with Perumal Veda Prabanda goshti, Rig Vedha goshti and Sama Veda goshti were performed in all the 4 Veedhees. The East Street Near Theradi the Divya Prabanda goshti Sathumurai was performed.

After that Perumal proceeded  to “Gopinathan Thirukovil” at about 6 km from temple. At around 3 pm, Perumal Thiruvadi Thirumanjanam was performed and Theerthaprasada Viniyogam took place. Later Perumal Purappadu at 9 pm  in the  ”Silver Sesha Vahanam”  in “Paramapada Nathan Sevai”.  At the time of Perumal Purappadu  Special Nadaswara Innisai was performed in Gopinathan Thirukovil and also at Panthaladi.  A special Vana Vedikai was also performed at the time of Perumal Purappadu  and then  Perumal  Temple Mada Veedhi Ehuntharulal  is called “Gopala Samuthiram”   and reached Temple  and Thiruvandhikappu was performed near Vanamamalai Mutt and then Perumal Pallaiarai Ezhntharulal. Several astikas took part in the utsavam and had the blessings of Perumal.

Day 11: Velli Sesha Vahanam & Paramapada Nathan Sevai

Rajagopalaswami Brahmotsavam Sesha-00 Rajagopalaswami Brahmotsavam Sesha-01 Rajagopalaswami Brahmotsavam Sesha-02 Rajagopalaswami Brahmotsavam Sesha-03 Rajagopalaswami Brahmotsavam Sesha-04 Rajagopalaswami Brahmotsavam Sesha-05 Rajagopalaswami Brahmotsavam Sesha-07 Rajagopalaswami Brahmotsavam Sesha-09 Rajagopalaswami Brahmotsavam Sesha-10 Rajagopalaswami Brahmotsavam Sesha-11 Rajagopalaswami Brahmotsavam Sesha-12 Rajagopalaswami Brahmotsavam Sesha-14 Rajagopalaswami Brahmotsavam Sesha-17 Rajagopalaswami Brahmotsavam Sesha-20 Rajagopalaswami Brahmotsavam Sesha-21 Rajagopalaswami Brahmotsavam Sesha-22 Rajagopalaswami Brahmotsavam Sesha-23 Rajagopalaswami Brahmotsavam Sesha-24

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