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Aani Brahmotsavam at West Mambalam Sri Sathyanarayana Temple Commences

Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_07

On June 28, 2014; Jaya Varusha Aani Thiruvadirai/Punarpoosam, Aani Brahmotsavam commenced at Sri Sathyanarayana Temple, West Mambalam, Chennai. Purappadu for Senai Mudalvar took place grandly last evening. Today, June 29, 1014, Dwajarohanam took place well. In the evening, Hamsa Vahana purappadu is scheduled to take place.

The 10-day utsavam will conclude on June 8, 2014. During the utsavam,  Perumal will have thiruveedhi purappadu on various vahanams and alankarams. The thiruveedhis covered during the purappadu are Srinivasa (P) Street, Thambiah Street, Bhaktavatsalam Street and Arya Gowda Street.

The following are some of the photographs taken last evening…

Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_00 Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_02 Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_05 Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_07 Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_10 Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_19 Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_21 Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_22 Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_24 Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_28 Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_30 Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_33 Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_35 Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_37 Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_39 Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_41 Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_47 Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_48 Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_49 Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_50 Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_54 Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_58 Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_63 Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_64 Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_65 Mambalam_Sathya Narayana_67

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