Thiruchanoor Sri Padmavathi Thayar Temple Karthika Brahmotsavam: Day 2



The Richie Rich Goddess Sri Padmavathi Devi blessed the devotees on the mighty seven hooded Adisesha on Pedda Sesha Vahanam on December 9th 2015 morning, on the second day of annual Karthika Brahmotsavams in the famous temple of Tiruchanoor. Adisesha-considered to be one of the ardent servants of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu who serves His Master in various ways as pillow, bed, ornament, umbrella etc. and reveals his “Saranagati Prapatti” which is the chief character of a noble servant. Aadi Sesha-the mighty serpent is said to have thousand heads. Here it is symbolically represented by seven hood on Peddasesha Vahanam.

In puranas, Adisesha is sometimes referred to as Ananta Shesha, which translates as endless-Shesha or Adishesha “first Shesha”. It is said that when Adishesa uncoils, time moves forward and creation takes place and when he coils back, the universe ceases to exist. Even though the entire world is destroyed, Sesha remains and prepares for next creation. To appease His beloved master, Adisesha carries the chief mistress of His Master, Goddess Padmavathi Devi on his mighty hood on the second day as a part of the annual brahmotsavams of Tiruchanoor. The Goddess blessed Her devotees with her magnificent charm on the Pedda Sesha Vahanam.

On the second day evening, the celestial beauty Goddess Padmavathi Devi unfurled her charisma on the spectacular Hamsa Vahanam, giving a soothing feel to Her beloved devotees. The Hamsa, or the swan, is often identified with the Supreme Spirit and Ultimate Reality of Human life. In Hindu religious scriptures, the flight of the hamsa symbolizes “Moksha”. Being the most revered carrier of Saraswathi Devi-the goddess of knowledge and creative arts, Hamsa has the capacity to differentiate milk from water which is nothing but eliminating Good from Bad.

In Sanskrit it is said “Atmanatma Vivekam” and hence the Hamsa is considered as Parabrahma Swarupa and the saintly persons who attain this supreme wisdom through yoga are called Parama Hamsa. Having attained such a peak place in Hindu religion, the Swan vehicle takes the might of being the carrier of Goddess Padmavathi-the Goddess Wealth not only terms of prosperity but wisdom, on second day evening.

The following are the photos taken during the Utsavam:

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Courtesy: Tirumala Tirupathi

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