Srirangam Ranganathaswami Temple Boopathi Thirunal Utsavam Day 2 Evening- Hamsa Vahanam



Boopathi Thirunal Utsava celebration took place in a grand manner at Srirangam Ranganathaswami Temple. On January 16th 2016, being Day 2 Utsavam, in the evening around 6.30 pm, Sri Namperumal had purappadu on Hamsa Vahanam. Hamsa pakshi is talked about as having the capacity to separate milk and water. This bird symbolises Acharyas who grasp the essence and teach their shisyas. During purappadu vahanams seem to take precedence of Perumal even though He travels on them. Todays Hamsam looked great in colourful tiered silk and the Purappadu was led by Hari the temple horse. The Divya prabhandham goshti and Veda Parayana goshti filled the air with their sonorous outpourings and NamPerumal looked at everyone around and assured them that He was there to Protect everyone.

To view the Day 1 Utsavam please visit: Srirangam Ranganathaswami Temple Sri Namperumal Purappadu To Sankaranthi Mandapam And Boopathi Thirunal Utsavam Commences

The following are the photos taken during the Utasvam:

Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_00 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_01 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_02 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_03 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_04 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_05 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_06 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_07 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_08 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_09 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_10 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_11 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_12 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_13 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_14 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_15 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_16 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_17 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_18 Srirangam-Ranganathaswami_19

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