Kanchi Sri Varadaraja Perumal Koil Brahmotsavam: Garuda Sevai (Updated)

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Durmukhi  Vaikasi Vishakam(21st May-2016) was a red letter day in Kanchipuram. The third day of the Brahmotsavam is when ‘Garuda sevai’ takes place. Garuthman is Vedaswaroopan and Kanchimahakshetram is blessed by the presence of a dedicated Vedaparayana goshti. Vedas are ‘Apourusheya’ that is not created by humans. They are the words of Perumal. Perumal says that He acts according to the Vedas. A brahmana is supposed to learn, preserve and teach the Vedas. This is done orally and correct pronunciation and intonation are to be strictly followed. The person studying the vedas have to live in the vedic mode and follow strict ahara niyamas and acharams. Sad to say a brahmana does not even perform the mandatory sandhya vandana. In such a scenario we have to recognise and respect the Veda parayana goshti who walk the way Perumal takes during purappadu in the scorching hot sun chanting the Vedas.

Vedatma is Garuda who is also known as Vainatheyan. Devotees came from far and wide to see Garuda the actual vahana of Narayana carry Varadaraja Perumal along the streets of Kanchi making everyone happy. People waited at the gopura vasal from 1.00 am to enter the temple of Varadan. They were allowed inside by 2.30 a.m. The curtain was opened by 3.00 and purappadu started at 4.00 am. What a thrill it was to behold Varadan sitting on His mount wearing yellow silk with red zari border in  panchakaccham! The golden Garuda with eyes full of karuna cast his kataksha on everyone while His master’s Tiruvadi(Feet) rested on his open palms. After going round Azhwar praakaram listening to the Dravida Vedas He emerged out of the gopura-vasal where Dodachariar seva took place. Garuda seemed to be flying as we looked from far with the two white umbrellas forming a canopy accompanied by the bhattar swamis who put the srisathari on the heads of devotees without getting angry.

At Thoopul Varadan presented His garland to His favourite Swami Desikan who waited in all finery to receive His Favourite Perumal.

Tirumbukal(return home) took place at about 12.00 in the afternoon and Garuda looked tired after the journey. Devotees offered cool flowers and vastrams and towels to wipe the sweat and were happy to see their Varadan back home.

Some of the photos and videos can be viewed below… More photos and videos will be updated shortly…

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Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day3_Garuda Sevai_04 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day3_Garuda Sevai_09 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day3_Garuda Sevai_07Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day3_Garuda Sevai_03Kanchi_Vardaraja_Perumal_Garuda Sevai_01 Kanchi_Vardaraja_Perumal_Garuda Sevai_02 Kanchi_Vardaraja_Perumal_Garuda Sevai_00

Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day3_Garuda Sevai_01 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day3_Garuda Sevai_02 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day3_Garuda Sevai_05 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day3_Garuda Sevai_11 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day3_Garuda Sevai_12 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day3_Garuda Sevai_14 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day3_Garuda Sevai_13 Kanchi_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day3_Garuda Sevai_06

Afternoon Ekantha Sevai

Kanchi Garuda Sevai_1 Kanchi Garuda Sevai_2 Kanchi Garuda Sevai_3 Kanchi Garuda Sevai_4 Kanchi Garuda Sevai_5

Courtesy: Sri Krishna Durai , Sri Krishnan & Sri Sudharshan, Write – up: Smt Vyjayanthi Rajan

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