Kanchi Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple Vaikasi Brahmotsavam – Day 5



Durmukhi Vaikasi Kettai (May 22nd 2016) morning Varadan left in purappadu from Perumal koil in a golden palanquin early in the morning at about 3.00 a.m. He was dressed up in Perundevi Thayar’s white silk saree and wore Her ornaments. Earings, chains, coral strands and jingling bangles were all Hers. He held Her parrot and lotus and sat crossed legged like Her. He sported a long braid and wore hair ornaments like rakodi, suryan and chandran and nethi pattai. Sitting in a pallaku with a mirror infront the itinery today was a long one.

After blessing Sri Ahobila Muth where 46th Srimadh Azhaghiasingar is camping with Sri Malola parivaram He made the rounds of the Mada veedhis mesmerising everyone with His Beauty. As usual the Arulicheyal and Veda parayana goshti provided rakshai to ‘The Rakshakan’. He traversed different divyadesams in Kanchi like Tiruvellukai, Thoopul, Pachaivannan, Pavazhavannan. Swami Desikan’s stotrams were recited and Thathachariars were accorded Srisathari after they reached the temple and swami Desika mangalam was being recited. Perumal returned to the temple by 4.00 p.m. The garlands were dried and He was tired but Happy having represented Thayar who does not cross the precincts of the temple. Devotees exclaimed at His Beauty and went to Thayar’s sannidhi to check out on the jewellery. However Perfectly He was dressed up Thayar’s tirumukhamandalam oozing kaarunyam could not be captured. But it was Thayar’s smaranai that was predominant in Nachiyar Tirukolam.

Varadaraja Perumal ascended the Yaali vahanam in the evening at about 7.00p.m. Perumal and His kainkaryaparas had a long day as Perumal in Nachiyar Tirukolam visited almost every nook and corner of The Yaali is an extinct or perhaps a mythical animal whose face is like a lion as also its claws but it has a trunk like an elephant which is entangled with the trunk of another animal whose face is visible at its feet. Its tail resembles a snake. It is said to have the ferociousness of a lion and the strength of an elephant and evokes fear like a snake. We can see yaali motifs at the entrance of temples, mandapams and even houses. It is supposed to ward off drishti.

Varadaraja Perumal who is Stronger than the strongest yet accessible to the weakest took His evening ride on the Yaali from the vahana mandapam listening to the clarinet while getting ready for the purappadu behind the velvet curtain with Shanku, Tiruman and Chakram. His devotees enjoyed the popular tunes while waiting outside.

As Varadan emerged from the vahana mandapam clad in a pink silk flowing gown – like dress with rows of jasmine garlands encircled by a thick garland the huge crowd ran with Him, by His side and infront of Him past the row of hawkers selling bangles balloons, flowers turmeric and knick-knacks. Such is the magnetic spell He casts on us that we cannot have enough of Him and if we need to have this anubhavam always saranagathi is the route.

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The following are the photos taken during the Utsavam:

Morning – Nachiyar Thirukkolam

Kanchi_Sri_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day5_03 Kanchi_Sri_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day5_05 Kanchi_Sri_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day5_12 Kanchi_Sri_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day5_20 Kanchi_Sri_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day5_22 Kanchi_Sri_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day5_11  Kanchi_Sri_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day5_24Kanchi_Sri_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day5_02

Kanchi_Sri_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day5_07 Kanchi_Sri_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day5_04 Kanchi_Sri_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day5_19 Kanchi_Sri_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day5_00 Kanchi_Sri_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day5_17

Evening – Yaali Vahanam

Kanchi_Sri_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day5_14 Kanchi_Sri_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day5_01 Kanchi_Sri_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day5_09 Kanchi_Sri_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day5_16 Kanchi_Sri_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day5_23 Kanchi_Sri_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day5_13 Kanchi_Sri_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day5_10 Kanchi_Sri_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day5_06 Kanchi_Sri_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day5_08 Kanchi_Sri_Varadaraja_Perumal_Temple_Day5_21

Photos Courtesy: Sri Krishna Durai, Sri Tirumandi Krishnan & Write up: Smt Vyjayanthi Rajan

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