Thirukallam Swami Thirunakshatra Celebrations At Mumbai Sri Desika Sabha


On 20th November 2016, Thirukallam Swami Thirunakshtram was celebrated  at Mumbai Sri Desika Sabha. On this occasion, Swami Desikan Ashtotra Sahasranama Koti Archanai was also performed . Many devotees participated in this celebration and had blessings of Swami and Divyadampatis.

Here are some of the photos taken during this celebration:

mumbai_sri_desika_sabha03 mumbai_sri_desika_sabha02 mumbai_sri_desika_sabha12 mumbai_sri_desika_sabha10 mumbai_sri_desika_sabha09 mumbai_sri_desika_sabha11 mumbai_sri_desika_sabha13 mumbai_sri_desika_sabha04 mumbai_sri_desika_sabha07 mumbai_sri_desika_sabha08 mumbai_sri_desika_sabha14 mumbai_sri_desika_sabha01

Courtesy Sri Veera Raghavan

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