Thiruvallur Sri Veeraghava Perumal Maasi Ekadasi Purappadu

Thiruvallur_Maasi Ekadasi_01

On February 22nd 2017, on the occasion of Maasi Ekadasi, purappadu for Sri Veeraraghava Perumal took place in the evening around 5.30 pm. Some of the photos taken during the purappadu can be viewed below

Thiruvallur_Maasi Ekadasi_00 Thiruvallur_Maasi Ekadasi_01 Thiruvallur_Maasi Ekadasi_02 Thiruvallur_Maasi Ekadasi_03 Thiruvallur_Maasi Ekadasi_04 Thiruvallur_Maasi Ekadasi_05 Thiruvallur_Maasi Ekadasi_06 Thiruvallur_Maasi Ekadasi_07 Thiruvallur_Maasi Ekadasi_08 Thiruvallur_Maasi Ekadasi_09

Photography by: Sri Senthil

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