The Significance of Aadi Month


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Lord Vamana is the devata for the month Aadi. Vamana resembles the color of the sun at dawn, radiating to that of the young bright sun. Rishis glorify Vamana as the one that arised amongst the flood of light. Vamana is the very embodiment of beauty. When Vamana took the form of a Brahmin and went to Mahabali’s Yagnya Vaatam, Piratti mesmerized by his charm refused to leave him though he was in the form of a bramachari. Andal who appeared in this month prayed to Vamana for eternal wealth (Kainkaryam to the Lord), woke Him up and rendered Mangalasasanam.

Azhwars were so enamoured by the enchanting Lord Vamana. Namalvar appeals to him in Kesavan Thamar (Thiruvaimozhi pasuram) as O Lord! how can I ever repay thee for relieving me from this worldly bondage? Swami Desikan resonates the same in Paniru thirunamam slokam that Perarulalan who appeared in Brahama’s Yaga, in the form of Vamana lifts us from this samsaric ocean.

This month is very special to us since Andal and Alavandhar had incarnated duirng this month. Dakshina Bharatam got elevated due to Andal’s birth, like wise this soonya month became auspicious because of her appearance. Uttering the name Andal gives us a divine feeling.

She was raised by Periazhvar as Kodhai. As Kodhai grew, so was her love towards Vadapatra Sayi. When she was playing at the streets, she drew Emperuman’s conch, discus, arrow in sand. Those who are born and raised in Divya Desam are very fortunate. She wakes up the Lord of Srivilliputur through her Thiruppavai. While other azhwars lamented and beseeched Perumal to show mercy on them, Andal thought that the Lord was immersed in his creations, hence she woke him, rendered hymns and told her desire of uniting with him. She thereby achieved a distinct status among Azhwars as the one who married Perumal.

Let us experience Alavandar. Alavandar was born to Esvarabhattalvan at Veeranaryanapuram during Aadi month Utradathi star. He was the grand son of Sri Nathamunigal. He was called as Yamunacharyar. Once when he won a duel in the King’s court, the Queen honored him as Alavandar. This name was more befitting as he lifted us from worldly to Godly pursuits.

Nathamunigal appointed Uyyakondar to render upadesam to Alavandar. While Nathamunigal laid a foundation to this Sampradayam, Alavandar nurtured it by his granthams. He blessed us with his Prabhandangal such as Sidditrayam, Sri Gitartha Sangraham, Stotra Ratnam and Chatusloki.

It was called as Stotra Ratnam as it was a gem among Stotras. Ramanuja was so deeply moved by it and wanted to pay his respects to Alavandar, but it did not culminate to unforeseen circumstances. It was well known that Alavandar duirng his visit to Kanchipuram offered his prayers unto Lord Devathirajan to make Bhasyakar as the Pravartakar of this tradition. Due to the power of Alavandar’s prayer Sri Bhasyakar took all things in his stride and nurtured this sampradayam.

Thus Alavandar became an unparalleled Acharya of our tradition. This month is considered special since Andal the best among Azhwars and Alavandar the best among Acharyas appeared during Aadi.

(Sri U Ve Vidwan Brahmadesam Thoopul Narasimacharya Swami)

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