Nagaresu Kanchi (Thiruvelukkai – The Abode of Kamasika Hari)

‘Kama’ means desire and ‘ asika’ means seated. So Kamasika means Seated by His own.

Travelogues: Pazhayaseevaram

On the morning of November 1st we set out for Pazhaya Seevaram from Kanchipuram at.

Travelogue: Seevilimedu Salai Kinaru

About 7 kms from Varadaraja temple is Seevilimedu the place where one can see the.

Ashtabhujakara Perumal- The Eight Armed Lord

Close to Varadaraja swami temple we have a number of divya desams closely connected with.

Travelogue – In The Domain Of Thirumangai Azhwar

Travelogue (In The domain of Tirumangai azhwar) On the morning of April 1st 2015 we.

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