Donate For Goshala

Donated: Rs.21,352.00

Feeding a cow provides immense material and spiritual benefits.

Go Brahmanasya: Subhamastu Nityam, Lokha Samasta Sukino Bhavanth!!

As a well wisher of our goshala, we request to you donate Yatha Sakthi (your best possibility) each month towards feeding and maintaining the cows

You can choose the days like, Ekadasi, Dwadasi, Amavasya or Pithrukarya days, birth star, each month of your choice, to feed the cows. We will be performing sankalpam accordingly before feeding the cows. Feeding the cows on the above mentioned days each month relives us from various doshas. Please mail us the name, birth star and gothram details to us to do sankalpam.

Protecting vedic cows and its progeny is our responsibility. Together lets be part of this mission! Donate Now!

To donate online please use the donate button above (at start of this page) to pay online.

If you wish to donate offline via direct bank transfer please use the bank details below:

Account name: Anudinam Kainkarya Foundation
Account number: 602305029305
Account type: Current Account
Bank: ICICI Bank
Branch: West Mambalam, Chennai
IFSC: ICIC0006023