Donation Options

Gosamrakshana provides enormous spiritual and material benefits! Choose from the options below to proceed with your donation!

Protecting vedic cows and its progeny is our responsibility. Together lets be part of this mission! Donate Now!

  1. 0 Donators
    Donate Rs 3000 To Adopt A Cow For Month Of September 2019
    Raised: Rs.21,824
    Goal: Rs.90,000
    Donate Rs 3000 to adopt a cow for its monthly feeding, maintenance and medical expenses.
  2. 0 Donators
    Perform Go-pooja
    Raised: Rs.11,903
    Goal: Rs.50,000
    Donate Rs 500 to perform Go-pooja
  3. 0 Donators
    Donate Rs.300 To Feed The Cows
    Raised: Rs.14,802
    Goal: Rs.100,000
    Your donation goes towards the feeding cost of 20 Bunches of grass, 4 Bunches of Spinach, 20 Kgs of straw, 4 Kgs of Peanut oil cake (Kadalai Punnakku), corn flour (Chola Maavu) and Paddy Bran (Arisi Thavudu), in the ratio of 1:1:2 – Natural mineral mixtures.