A pioneering CD-ROM on the life and works of Bhagawan Ramanuja


An updated version of the CD titled “A pioneering CD-ROM on the life and works of Bhagawan Ramanuja” had been released recently by Sri Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari Sadagopan Swami and Sri Dr.M A Alwar and many other sampardayic scholars reviewing and contributing to it. This multi media presentation focuses on the greatness of Ramanujacharya, his life and works. It is a remarkable work that excels in its grandeur, and depicts Bhagavan Ramanuja precisely as He was.

The presentation has five mail sections,

Charitram – Life History of Sri Ramanujacharya

Granthamala – Works of Ramanujacharya

Vaibhavam – Anecdotes depicting the greatness of Ramanujacharya

Aradhanam -Performing of Pooja according to the instructions of Ramanujacharya

Vinodah – Fun (Four sections viz. Quiz, Video(1), Video(2) and Website-connection)

The pricing of this valuable Cd-ROm is Rs.250 for India and $20 for Overseas. For more information and enquires on this CD-ROM, please email V. Sadagopan at yennappan@computer.net

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  1. Adyen dasan

    Definitely such a CD will be very useful for young children and parents in their collection to be used for cosntant recall.

    Kindly would like to know from whom can we purchase this CD.
    Adyens mail ID is krish.malolan@gmail.com kindly request the web adminstration and team to help me out with this CD


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