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Thirunakshatram of Budhath Alwar

Today 4th of  November 2011, friday – Iyppasi  Avittam is the thirunakshatram of Budhath Alwar. The avathara Utsavam has been celebrated in various divya desams and abhimana sthalams.

In Mahabalipuram, then called as “Kadal Mallai” Boodat Alwar was born. In Siddhartha year, Iyppasi month, Navami, Avitta Natshatram, Bhoodhathalwar was born, who is considered to be the Hamsam of one amongst the Panja Aayudham (five weapons) of Thirumaal, the Koumothagi, the Gadha, in a small Madhavi flower. 

From the child hood, his heart and all of his thinking are towards Sriman Narayanan and spent his life by praising the fame of him. 

Budat Alwar sang the second 100 verses sarting with the words:

அன்பே தளியா ஆர்வமே நெய்யாக,

இன்புருகு சிந்தை யிடுதிரியா, – நன்புருகி

ஞானச் சுடர்விளக் கேற்றினேன் நாரணற்கு

ஞானத் தமிழ்புரிந்த நான்.

The Divya Desams consecrated by Budat Alwar : ( 13 ) Tiruvarangam, Tanjai, Tirukkudanthai, Tirumaliruncholai, Tirukkoshtiyur, Tiruthankaal, Tirukkovilur, Tirukkachi, Tiruppaadakam, Tiruneermalai, Tirukkadanmallai, Tiruvenkadam, and Tiruppaarkadal

Perumal Kovil Sri Boothathazwar Avathara Uthsavam held on 4th Nov 2011 can be viewed from : http://tinyurl.com/6gv9udm (Thanks to Agaram Sri Rangarajan Swamy Dasan and Musaravakkam V.N.Kesava Bashyam for the photos)

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