45th Azhagiyasingar’s 20th Asrama Sweekaram Celebrations


Srimad Azhagiyasingar (45th) assumed the Nrusimhasthaanam 20 years ago and has tirelessly traveled around the country and blessed countless sishyas and renovated several matams and temples. His 20th Asrama Sweekaram (Anniversary) will be celebrated in a grand manner at Selayur with veda parayanam, upanyasams, and divya desa mariyadhai etc. You are all kindly invited to attend the event and get blessings from both 45th and 46th pattam azhagiyasingars and from Sri Malolan. – Sri Karyam Swami, Ahobila Mutt.

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  1. Congratulations and appreciate your effort in bringing about the News.
    You can use any of my channel content for circulation among srivaishanvas and need no permission.
    Dasan Ayampettai R. Devanathan

  2. Sriman Raghavan Swami
    You are doing a great service to our sampradaya by uploading valuable information in your site. I always cherish your messages & applaud the great efforts. May Lord Srimannarayana give you health and long years.
    Dasan Rajan


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