Samoohika ViswaShanthi Sri Vishnu Maha Yagna in 108 Homa Kundams


In Karteeka Month of Nadana Year, On December 5 (Wednesday) to 9 (Sunday), 2012 at the abode of Tirumala Alarmel Mangapuram (Tiruchnur Tirupathi, AP, India), Samoohika ViswaShanthi Sri Vishnu Maha Yagna in 108 Homa Kundams is planned to be organized.

 The event is organized by Sri Sudarshana Yagni Samithi Bangalore. KA India. AVS Organization, Palm Bay, FL, USA. Sri Sudarshana Seva Samithi USA Inc. Austin, TX, USA

Devotees from all over the World are invited to join the Japa Yagna of chantingSri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram 108 times plus 1008 times of the following Sloka in a year between Nov 1, 2011 and Oct 31, 2012.

                    Sloka:     ” Sri Ramaramarameti Rameraame Manorame !

                                   Sahasranaama Tattulyam Raamanaama Varaanane!!”

At the end of each month, the organizers requests the devotees to send a report of the number of Stotrams and Slokas he/she chanted in the previous month.

along with their Name, Address, Phone, Email, Gotram, Nakshatram/Rasi with a contribution of donation through  Cashier’s Check or Bank Draft drawn on any one of the following organizations as appropriate for “Sri Vishnu Maha Yagna 2012”.

a) “AVS Organization” for Devotees participating from eastern states of USA and Canada b) “Sri Sudarshana Seva Samithi USA Inc” for Devotees participating from central & all other parts  in USA (c) “Sri Sudarshana Yagna Samithi” of India for Devotees participating from Europe, Gulf Countries, Africa, and Asia.

For mailing address and contact information of these individual organizations, please see the Contact Information details below:

AVS Organization, USA

The Akhanda Vishnu Sahasrnama (AVS) Organization, Palm Bay, FL, USA,coordinates the annual Global Sri Vishnu Sahasranama (VSN) Satsang for World Peace. AVS organizes this Maha Yagna and is the general point of contact for all devotees in USA, Canada, and other countries of the World.

AVS Organaization, P.O.Box 111258, Palm Bay, FL 32911-1258 USA  Contact: Sri Suri Vemuri Ph.D

Phone: 321-759-6993 (M), Email:

Sri Sudarshana Yagni Samithi, India

Sri S.V. Iyengar Swami, the founder of Sri Sudarshana Yagna Samithi, Bangalore, Karnataka, India, performed more than 2000 Sri Sudarshana Homams in 18 countries, and promotes the Global VSN Satsang for World Peace in India and other countries of the World. Sri Sudarshana Yagna Samithi, under the guidance of Sri S. V. Iyengar Swami,organizes, coordinates and conducts this Maha Yagna in India and is the point of contact for devotees in Europe, Gulf, Africa, Asia, and India.

 Sri Sudarshana Yagna Samithi      #11, 17th A Cross, 13th A Main, Malleswaram West    Bangalore, KA, 560055, India

Contact: Sri S. V. Iyengar Swami Phone: 91-80-23361582, 91-98450 29968 (M), Email:,

Sri Sudarshana Seva Samithi, USA

Sri Sudarshana Seva Samithi is incorporated in USA to promote Vedic tradition  in USA, and is the point of contact for the members of the Sri Sudarshana Seva Samithi and Devotees in USA (Central Time Zone).

Sri Sudarshana Seva Samithi Inc., 7613 Baja Cv, Austin, TX 78759, USA

Contact: Dr. Jagannadh Vedula Phone: 512-506-9939, Email:              

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