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Located in a serene village amidst a lot of greenery is the Veda Narayana Perumal Koil at Thiru Narayanapuram (or Veda Narayanapuram) about 4kms South West of Thottiyam, near Musiri (Trichy District), on the Northern banks of Cauvery.

A most distinct and unique feature at the Veda Narayanan temple is that Lord Vishnu is seen in a sleeping posture resting on and using the Four Vedas as his pillow. Lord Narayanan is said to have initiated Vedic Education to Brahmma and hence is referred to here as ‘Veda’ Narayanan.

Veda Narayanan

Construction of the temple

Puranic Scriptures point to the fact that King Mahabala Vaanavaraya was taking his huge army to Mysore. As night befell, he took rest at this place. Lord Narayana is said to have appeared in his dream that night and asked him to install his archa-vigraha here that was lying beneath the earth and to create festivals that people could enjoy. The Lord is believed to have assured him victory in his battle at Mysore.

Delighted at this, the king built the temple and dedicated this entire village to the temple. To date, about 160 acres of land belongs to the temple. It is a completely different story that the income from this is not being passed on to the temple. Hence, despite this rich history, the Veda Narayanan temple is today seen without much income. Also, the priest is offered only a meager salary. Will this change?

Prahalada as a 3 year old boy

Prahalada, who had only seen Lord Vishnu in an angry form while he was slaying Hiranyakashipu, wanted to see the soft side of the Lord. After undertaking penance here, Prahalad is said to have had a darshan of Lord Narayana in a more peaceful and happy form as a ‘Shantha Swaroopi’.

Lord Vishnu also promised a place for Prahalad near his feet – another unique feature seen at this temple is a 3 year old boy Prahalada in a standing posture at the feet of the sleeping Lord.

Goddess Sri Devi and Bhoo Devi are seen at the feet of Lord Veda Narayanan offering their prayers.

Pillai ThiruNaraiyur Araiyar Abhimana Kshetram

Thiru Naraiyur Araiyar came here with his wife and 6 children in the hope of finding Moksham. One night, the leaves from the palm tree at the temple caught fire. Shocked at seeing this, Thiru Naraiyur Araiyar immediately threw his 6 children towards the Lord as a cover for him and to protect him from the raging flames. Unfortunately, the Lord continued to burn. Araiyar then threw himself into the flames and hugged the Lord so the fire would not touch his favourite Lord.

Pleased with his devotion, the Lord appeared before him and granted moksham to the entire family of the Araiyar. Hence, this place came to be called Pillai Thiru Naraiyur Abhimana Kshetram.

Vedic Initiation to Brahmma

Brahmma once turned arrogant as he was the only one who could ‘create’ things in this world. Wanting to teach him a lesson, Lord Vishnu created a unique archa-vigraha that left Brahmma wondering about its creator. When asked, Lord Vishnu feigned ignorance saying that Brahmma was the only one bestowed with the rights of creation. While agreeing to this, Brahmma questioned the Lord as to who could have created this image and how this could have appeared without his knowledge and approval.

Lord Vishnu brought the truth before Brahmma and a message to the people at large saying that we should do what is expected of us. However, we should not become arrogant as a result of the exclusive/ special powers given to us.

‘Guru’ and ‘Budhan’ Sthalam

Realising his folly, Brahmma requested Lord Narayana for the initiation of the Vedas. Lord Narayana is believed to have appeared before him here at Thiru Narayanapuram and undertaken the Vedic initiation. As he initiated the Vedic lessons to Brahmma, the Lord is referred to here as ‘Veda Narayanan’. Having played the role of an Acharya and Brahmma having been a student/disciple of Lord Vishnu, this temple is said to be a ‘Guru’ and ‘Budhan’ sthalam.

Success in Education

Veda Narayana Perumal of Thiru Narayanapuram is said to help devotees in their education and learning. As Brahmma himself was initiated with Vedic Education, this is a special temple on the education front. Students/ children who visit this temple offering their sincere prayers and place their books at the feet of Veda Narayanan are believed to come out with flying colours in their education.


11 day festival in Vaikasi including a 9 day chariot procession
21 day Adyana Utsavam in Margazhi
Puratasi Navarathri.

There are Utsavams through out the year at this temple.

Quick Facts

Moolavar : Veda Narayanan in Sleeping Posture facing East
Goddess : Vedanayaki Thaayar (Separate Sannidhi)

Temple Time : 730am -1130am and 430pm-8pm
Contact : S. Govinda Narayanan (Kannan Bhattar)/ G. Kuppusamy Bhattar
Telephone Number : 98658 66968 / 98948 06131

How to reach the temple?

Veda Narayanapuram is located about 50kms from Trichy on the Trichy-Namakkal-Salem Highway near Thottiyam.

1. Take the Trichy- Namakkal-Salem bus. Get down at Thottiyam (about 10kms west of Musiri). Take an auto Rs. 75-100 to and fro from Thottiyam to temple
2. Take Trichy- Kulithalai bus (NH 67) or Chennai-Mangalore (6107 Exp). Get down at Kulithalai and take a bus across the new 2 km bridge across the Cauvery to Musiri bye pass. From there, take a bus to Thottiyam (buses to Namakkal/Salem)
3. Local bus No. 6A from Musiri to ThiruNarayanapuram
4. There are 2 buses every day from Trichy to Thirunarayanapuram ( 9am and 330pm)

The temple is about 4 kms from Thottiyam bus stand on the Kaatuputhur road via the Arasalur Arch.


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  1. i know about this shri veda narayanaperumalkoil nearly two years.very very powerful temple for childern education&moral life.All are childern visit this place must and blessing from shri vedanarayana perumal&vedha nayaki thayar.its peaceful place i never forget family realised afterthis visit.”hari hari govinda narayanahari govindha”hari hari govintha atchthayantha hari govintha”


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