Thirunakshatra Mahothsavam of Sri Lakshmi Kumara Thatha Desikan – NOV 25th, 2011


Kara Varusheeka Thirunakshatra Mahothsavam of (Yearly Birth Centenary Celebration) of the Abhimana-puthra of Kanchipuram Sri Perundevi Thayar and Sri Varadharaja Perumal, Koti Kannikadhaana Sri Lakshmi Kumara Thatha Desikan is to be held this week. He is an important aacharya purusha for the Ubhayakalaiyars existing in both Pancharathra and Munithraya Sampradhayams.

It is he, who has driven away all the forces of Delhi Sultanate away from the South India with the help of the Vijayanagar Army and saved many temples from the invasions. He comes in the direct Paternal Lineage and Aacharya Parampara of Sriman Nathamunigal, Sri Alavandhar and Sri Kurugesar. He was the Foster-son of Aacharya Sri Pancha Matha Banjana Thatha Desikan the prime aacharya common for both Srimath Andavan Ashramams.

The function starts from 15th Nov,2011 and Swamy’s Thirunakshathram falls on the Kruthika-Anusham-Amavasyay day, the 25th Nov, 2011.

On this day, Sri Perundevi Thayar and Sri Perarulalan of Kanchipuram Sri Varadharaja Perumal Temple arrives at the Sannidhi of Swamy Sri Desikan and Sri Thatha Desikan early in the morning with “Vajrangi” and enjoys an elaborate Thirumanjanam and other Upacharams with a grand  Veda, Divya Prabandha Satrumurai and stays there in the Sannidhi for whole day and enjoys an elaborate Thiruveedhi Purappadu and offers all respect to the Aacharya. This function will be a feast to the eyes and devotees are requested to get wet at the Divine Pouring on this day which starts with an elaborate Thirumanjanam to Sri Bhoovaragha Perumal situated on the banks of ‘Anantha Saras’ and to Swamy Desikan and Sri Thathadesikan with his consort Sri Kamala Ammangar.

On the same day, Sri Thatha Desikan and his consort Sri Kamala Ammangar receives Lord Sri Thayar and Sri Varadharaja Perumal’s Thirumanjana Sesha Vasthram, Thirumaalai and Thiruparivattam. They receive various Dhivya Desa Baghumanams and Mariyadhai at several instances on these days.

All are Cordially Invited.
Venue : Sri Varadharaja Perumal Temple, Kanchipuram
Sannidhi : Sri Vedantha Desika, Sri Thatha Desikan Sannidhi
Days : 15-11-2011 to 25-11-2011
Thirunakshatram Day : 25-11-2011 ( KARTHIGAI ANUSHAM AMAVASAY)

More information about swami can read from:

News source: Sri Thoopul Vallal Dasargal

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