4th Day Of Padmavathi Kartheeka Brahmotsavam, procession on Kalpa Vruksha


Tiruchanur, 24 Nov 2011:  On the fourth day of the festival the Processional Deity of Goddess Padmavathi is taken out in procession on Kalpa Vruksha as her  vehicle signifying that she is the giver of boons to her devotees and fulfills their wishes.


Yesterday it was,  Muthyapu  pandiri   vahanam  as part of ongoing Annual Kartheeka Brahmotsavam in Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple. Earlier on Monday Dwajarohanam was performed in the famous temple of Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple, signalling the commencement of the nine-day annual Kartheeka Brahmotsavam of Goddess Padmavathi.

The sacred yellow cloth flag with the imprint of Gaja , the celestial carrier of Goddess Padmavathi, was hoisted atop the golden flag post, `Dwajasthambham,’ situated inside the temple complex at the auspicious `Dhanur lagnam’ between 9.45am to 10.00 am. amidst the traditional recitation of Vedic hymns by temple priests.

Later Sri K.Bapi Raju released a book titled “Sri PADMAVATHI AMMAVARI VAHANA SEVALU inside Temple premises

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