Oh SrI DEvi! When the sentient beings (dEhina:) praise You with bhakthi, the whole world celebrates them for that good deed. It is indeed Yourself, who grants them the glory of being recognized by others for their good intention and execution of the deed of praising You. adiyEn has no refuge except You. AdiyEn is eager to eulogize You of such stupendous glories. adiyEn has no doubt about my efforts becoming fruitful. adiyEn will attain the glory of being recognized by the people of this world for my sthuthi. There is no surprise here. Who indeed will not gain all mangaLams, when he or she holds on to Your sacred feet and eulogize you. Therefore, adiyEn is also going to be blessed by You. Even if adiyEn does not have the Jn~Anam and sakthi to praise You in a befitting manner, the very desire to praise You will give me the power to complete this effort and shower adiyEn with all mangaLams.


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