Sri Goda Stuthi – 4

Venu Gopalan - KalingaNarthana Krishnan
Venu Gopalan - KalingaNarthana Krishnan


Oh GodhE! Your Lord KaNNan performed many adhbhuthams (miracles) on the banks of YamunA river. As a result, Yamunai acquired enormous fame. Your two Prabhandhams, ThiruppAvai and Thirumozhi, extoll the glories of YamunaitthuRaivan, KaNNan. Hence, Your Sri Sookthis have also attained the same level of fame as Yamunai. The common factor behind the fame of both Yamunai and Your dhivya-Sookthis is their association with the glorious deeds of KaNNan. In Your dark complexion, You (GodhE) resemble the hue of Yamunai’s waters. The poets are engrossed in the enjoyment of the tattvArthams housed in Your Sri Sookthis as learnt from their AchAryAs. That enjoyment makes their JnAnam blossom forth. At that juncture, You (Godhai) cast Your most benevolent glances on them (the poets). Those cool glances falling on the poets results in the birth of dhivya Sookthis that resemble nectar in their anubhavam and cause much happiness to the citizens of this world.


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