Sri Goda Stuthi – 5



Oh GodhE! We are well known for Saasthra Ullankanam (trespassing the Saasthraic injunctions of Your Lord, who is SaasthrapANi). We offend Him and generate His anger at us. It appears that we have this long term vow not to obey His Saasthrams and thereby generate heaps of Bhagavath and BhAgavatha apachArams. Your Lord forgives even us with such abundant bundles of ancient paapams. When we reflect on why our Lord suddenly blesses us inspite of our powerful offenses, two reasons for His transformation — from erstwhile nigraham to the present anugraham state — become clear. The twin reasons are: (1) He is under Your spell as a result of the way in which You have bound Him with Your flower garlands that You Yourself have worn first as Soodikkoduttha NaacchiyAr. (2) Further, Your eulogy of Him with Your sweet prabhandhams holds Him tightly in Your grip; when He hears Your delectable Vaak, which are like the captivating naadham arising from the VeeNA strings, He has no way to free Himself from Your spell. Therefore, He accepts Your appeals on our behalf and forgives us for our trespasses. This for Sure!


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