Arisi / Rice Upma


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Arisi Ravai (broken rice pieces)         1 kg
Oil                                                            300 grams
Asafoetida (perungayam)                      2 pinches
Black gram dal (uluthamparuppu)   200 grams
Bengal gram dal (kalaiparuppu)        200 grams
Mustard (kadugu)                                    10 grams
Red chillies                                                10 grams
Cumin seeds                                            1 teaspoon
Salt                                                            To taste


  • Heat oil in a vessel and then add asafoetida, mustard and red chillies.
  • As soon as mustard seeds splutter, add both black gram dal and bengal gram dal.
  • When fried, add adequate quantity of water and salt
  • When water begins to boil, add the broken rice pieces, cumin seeds and some curry leaves and stir a few times, till fully cooked
  • Allow 10 minutes cooling time, before serving

Rice and black gram dal mentioned in the Rigveda, dominated the Aryan food system then and continues to do so to-date. This appetising Arisi Upma is a flavourful, wholesome and satisfying snack. The ingredients that impart the delicious flavour are chillies, curry leaves, mustard, cuminseeds and asafoetida. While the mustard, chilli and curry leaves give it that characteristic zing and flavour, the cuminseeds and asafoetida are aids to digestion that the dish requires, with its rich protein content that the two dals provide. The broken rice is not only eacy to digest but also retains some of the vitamins that are otherwise lost in milling to obtain polished rice. The cereal-pulse combination is a good source of protein and energy. Served hot, this appetising dish is sound in nutrition, high on taste and definitely satisfying to the palate that appreciates the unbeatable taste of home cooking.

Source: NrisimhaPriya 2004

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