Prabhandam & Slokas

Sri Goda Stuthi – 10

ArAdanAmUrthi of Periyazhvar given as Sreedanam during Andal’s marriage


O GodhE! Your Lord is easily pleased by even a small eulogy. He becomes overcome as a result with affection for the one, who sings His praise. Your father, Bhattar PirAn and the other AzhwArs before You had sung His praise through many pleasing songs. He did not however respond to them too much. Your father however took the garlands worn by You and presented them characterized by their divine fragrance. He immediately became very much attached to Your father. He praised Your father for his welcome kaimkaryam and honored him with the name, “PeriyAzhwAr” or the senior most AzhwAr and became his son-in-law later. Thus, Your Lord”s great affection for You, GodhE, inspired Him to confer the honorific title of PeriyAzhwAr on Your father. He had heard Your father’s Paasurams before and was not sufficiently moved to do something extraordinary such as conferring the title befitting Your father’s unique kaimkaryam.


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