Adhyayana Kala Uthsavam at Siva Vishnu Temple-Melbourne

With the blessings of Swathandravalli Thayar and Lord Shri Venkatavaradhan  this year we are planing to perform Adhyayana Kala Uthsavam at the Shiva Vishnu temple starting from 26th Dec 2011 to 14th Jan 2011. Pagal Paththu starts on 26th December and Rappaththu starts on Vaikunda Ekadhasi Day (5th Jan 2012) and finishes on 14th Jan 2012.
During this period, we will be chanting the entire Nalayira Divyaprabhandham in the temple.  On an average we are planning to render 300 pasurams per day.
Pagal Pathu Timing 7 .30-10.30 am
RaPathu Timing  5.00pm-8.00pm


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