Swami Embaar Thiruavatara Utsavam


This year, one of our revered Aachrayas Swami Embaar Thiruavatara utsavam (Thai-Punarpoosam) is to be celebrated at his birth place at MaduraMangalam (near Sunguvaarchatram) from 28th January to 7th February 2012. Every year this utsavam is being conducted in grand manner by Sri Balaji swami of Maduramangalam and his co. with the support of local people. Since more Srivaishnavites and devotees throng this Tiruavatarastalam during the utsavam Sri Balaji swami and his co. have been taking much responsibilities in performing various kainkaryams like Sirappu Thaligai to Swami Embaar during Arulicheyal Ghosthi, Thadhiyaaradhanai to all devotees, Arulicheyal Ghosti sambhavana to adyabaga swamins etc.

They have set up a trust known as “Sri Embaar Swami Nitya Kainkarya Trust” to perform these kainkaryams.

Your contribution towards any kainkariyams mentioned in the appeal and be bestowed by Swami Embaar’s blessings/krupai. For further queries regarding any particular kainkaryam that you wish to take up please feel free to contact *Sri Balaji swami @ 9500-837-398*. You may speak to him after his office hours ie. *14:00 IST*.

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