Sri Goda Stuthi – 15

Sri Andal thirukkalyanam – Vanamamalai divyadesam


Oh GodhE! The famous garland Vyjayanthi worn by Your Lord is indeed full of fragrance. It is desired by Him and hence given a prominent place on His chest. It is indeed constructed from tender forest flowers, which never fade. Inspite of all these glories, it is worn on the chest and not on Your Lord’s head over His KirItam (Thiru AbhishEkam). The garland that You wore and presented to the Lord is accepted by Him with joy and worn with love on His KiriTam (sarvEsvara Chinnam) to demonstrate Your garland’s superiority over Vyjayanathi maalai. Your Lord’s respect by wearing the garland worn by You earlier at a high place (over His crown) indicates His affection and reverence for it over the Vyjayanathi maalai.


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