Sri Goda Stuthi – 17

“He has to bend before You!” (“maththaLam koTTa varisangam ninrootha…”)


Your Lord has the Lotus in his Naabhi. The pollen dusts from that sacred lotus have a divine fragrance that fills the air. MahA Lakshmi is seated on His chest region. The fragrance of the sandal paste worn on Her breasts is enjoyed by Him as well. The divine fragrance of the Arya Vedhams and the TamiL marai saluting the glory of His sacred feet is also enjoyed by Him. Thus, His whole body is covered with these divine fragrances and yet, He seems not to be fully satisfied. He waits eagerly for the garlands worn by You and receives them from Your father with his head bent out of love for You and becomes filled with a superlative fragrance that finally satisfies Him.


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