Prabhandam & Slokas

Sri Goda Stuthi – 19

Sri Andal with Her Lord in mUlasthAnam in Srivillipputthur


GodhE! The apourushEya VedAs declare reverentially through their siras (head = Upanishads) that Your Lord is the possessor of a divine fragrance that surpasses any thing found in Prakruthi maNdalam (sarva Gandhan). That Lord adorns the garlands that drew their fragrance from Your curly, dark hair and enhances His sarva gandhathvam. He becomes joyous over the enrichment of His own divine fragrance through the association with Your SooDikkoduttha Maalai. How can one therefore describe adequately the power of the garlands worn by You first and then presented to Your Lord?


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