Sri Godha Stuthi – 22

Kariya thirumeni of the Lord takes multicolors (Sri Parthasarathy with nachchimaars and Sri Andal)


Oh GodhE! The darsanam of Your Lord’s SubhAsrayam (ThirumEni) confers on all His adiyArs sarva mangaLams (madhuvairi Gaathram praNamathAm MaangaLyatham). That SubhAsrayam has the bluish hue of dark rainy clouds. When You stand next to Him, Your light green hue (like aruham pul) reflects on Him. MahA Lakshmi has HiraNya VarNai (Golden hue). She is resident on Your Lord’s chest (ahalahillEn YenRu). When His own dark bluish hue has the confluence with the green hue of Your ThirumEni and the golden hue of Periya PirAtti’s ThirumEni, His ThirumEni achieves a rare multi-hued effulgence like the beautiful neck region of the peacock. It is a rare and unforgettable sight.


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