89th vArshika Panruti MahArAdhana of HH 40th Pattam Azhagiyasingar


The 89th vArshika Panruti MahArAdhana of HH 40th Pattam Azhagiyasingar, Sri Ranganatha Satagopa Yatheendra Mahadesikan is scheduled to take place on January 21, 2012 (Saturday; Thai Maasam, Krishna Paksham, TriyOdasi) .

Aradhana utsavam will be celebrated on Friday, Januray 20th and Saturday, Januray 21st 2012. Bhagavathas are requested to participate in ArAdhana MahOthsavam of HH 40th Pattam Azhagiyasingar and get Acharyan’s kripA kaTAksham.


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  1. HH 40th Pattam Azhagiyasingar Sri Ranganatha Satakopa Yathindra Mahadesikan has a special niche in the Ahobila Mutt jeeyar’s lineage.He is called Karukurichi Periya Azhgiyasingar and a great learner of all sastras.Very kind person. He ia a great Narasimha upasaka and had a great mystique power.For some centuries no Jeeyars visited Ahobilam.After this Swamy’s enthrone he visited Ahobilam.Once people afraid of haunted and animals wandering here.The 40th Jeeyar ward off all evils and made holy the Navanarasimha’s temple.”OM MALOLAYA NAMAHA”


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