Iraa Patthu Utsavam at Sri Venkateswara Lotus Temple, Fairfax, VA USA


Thiru Adyayana utsavam is in process at Sri Venkateswara Lotus Temple, Fairfax, VA USA. Raa patthu utsavam has started  on the 5th of January  2012 and 2nd canto of  Thiruvaimozhi was recited


Sri Venkateswara Lotus Temple of Virginia was established in the year 2003 to serve the devotional, cultural and spiritual needs of the Northern Virgina community in accordance with distinctly Vedic traditions. The temple is in the form of Lotus with 8 petals suspended in the pond. The significance of the eight petals embodies the Ashtakshari mantram. Lotus flower personifies serenity, grandeur, and wealth. Lotus flower quality is to remain pure and clean even if surrounded by dirt and malice.

The temple adheres to the Indian traditional concept of Garbagraha in a prayer Hall, where the presiding Deitiy Sri Venkateswara with his consort Sridevi and Bhudevi are housed . The original installations of the Vigrahas of Lord Sri Venkateswara , Sridevi and Bhudevi , Sri Rama Parivaram, Sri Mahalakshmi Thayar, Sri Andal , Sri Krishna, Sri Sudarsana and Alwar and Acharyas was performed in the year 2003.

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