Parayanam at Sri Hayagrivar Sannidhi, Madurai


Parayanam of all the prabhandams from Sri Desika Prabhandam and Nalayaram thanniyan was performed on 8-01-2012 Sunday at SRI VETANTHA DESIKAR-SRI HAYAGRIVAR SANNADHI at MADURAI. This parayanam is arranged every year by the Trust during the month of Marghazhi on a continous basis and this is the 11 th year of Parayanam.

Large number of Devotees (About 80 both Azhwar & Andal Ghoshti) took part in Parayana Patanam apart from other asthikas. The function was celebrated grandly with final Sattumurai,Theertham, Ghoshti followed by Dadheearadhanam and Sambhavana for Perumal. Andal & Acharyas.

Sri Lakshmi Hayagrivar and Swami Desikan
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