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Sri Ramapiran, who is opularly called as “Chakaravarthy Thirumagan”, is doing all the final funeral for “Jadaayu”, which the Eagle bird. After finishing his activity, he is taking rest due to the work done for the final ceremony of Jadaayu. This is Kolam the God shows his thirukkolam to the world.

Valvil Raman, who is the Emperumaan of this sthalam, after Sitapirattiyar his wife is lost, he is holding only his Kothandam, the Bow. This is the only support he has inspite of loosing his wife. But, Bhoomi Pirattiyyar, who helped Rama in the final funeral in Thiruputtkuzhi is giving support here and is sitting along with Valvil Ramar. Since, the Lord does the final ceremony for Jadaayu, the Eagle belongs to the pull family (One king of bird family) and after finishing the ceremony, he takes rest. So this shetram is called as “Pullam Kudi”. Kudi means the place of staying in Tamil.

Kiruthrajan, when doing tapas keeping Emperumaan in his heart and mind, Valvil Raman arised in front of him in Bujangha Sayanam. Since, the Theertham which purified Kiruthrarajan, the theertham here is called “Kiruthra theertham”. Emperumaan Sriman Narayanan showed Prathyaksham for himself. Chakaravarthy Thirumagan, Sri Ramar born as and brought up as an ordinary human being, he met his moola avathaar (Previous avathaar) Parasuramar. He minimised or reduced the Headweight of Parasuramar and made war with him and finally got his friendship and his blessings.

The primary moral of this is if how big and powerful man you may be, we must give respect and should not be trapped inside Maya. To all of the human beings in the world, our parents are the prime most and the first person to be worshipped. Because of this reason only, Lord ParasuRama, as ordered by his father asked what he wants as “Varam” for killing his mother, he asked for her mother to regain her life. This shows how dedicated to his father and mother. And in next avathaar, he took his avathaar as Sri Ramar and he respect his father and mother as that of the previous avathaar.

Since, he was held in the forest, when King Dasaratha was dead, he could not do the final funeral to his father. But, keeping Jadaayu in his father’s place, he did the final funeral to him as what he could have done to his father, King Dasaratha. When Parasu Raman was against Rama, he showed his actual image (or) face as Parasu Ramar and Sri Ramar are not two different people but they are a single person, the final destiny Sriman Narayanan. Likewise, after finishing all the final funeral for Jadaayu, when Rama was taking rest, Kiruthra Rajan made Tavam against sriman Narayanan, when Sri Rama along with Sangu and Chakkaram and Bhoomi Pirattiyaar prathyaksham for the king and explained him that he is Sriman Narayanan. Likewise, he gave prathyaksham for Sri Ramar along with Sangu, Chakkaram and Bhoomi pirattiyaar with 4 (Chathur) bhujam (hand).

The final funeral of Jadaayu was done under Punnai tree, when the paramathma gave his dharshan to Rama and Emperumaan gave his dharshan to Thirumangai Mannan. This is one of the said story of this shetram. The main point to be noticed in this shetram, is only here, Sri Ramar gives his seva as Chakaravarthi (along with Sangu and Chakram).

After 1 1/2 Km. from here, is a small village, Mandanggudi which is the birth place of Thondar Adi Podi Alwar. One of the five sacred things, Earth, Bhomi Pirattiyar give seva along with Sri Rama as Narayanan in Nindra Thirukkolam. Because of this reason this shetram is called “Pullam Bootha Kudi”.


The Moolavar of this temple is Sri Valvil Raman. Moolavar in Kidantha kolam in

Bujanga Sayanam facing East direction. Prathyaksham for Chakravarthy Thirumangan

Ramar and Raja Kruthra. Utsava Moorthy gives seva Valvil Raman has four hands

(Chathur Bhujan) along with Sangu and Chakram.


Potramaraiyaal (Hemambujavalli). She has her own seperate sannadhi.


Thirumangai Alwar – 10 Paasurams.


Sobhana Vimaanam.

Festivals : Sri Rama Navami, Vaigunda Ekadasi

Temple Timings: 7.30 am to 12.00 pm

4.30 pm to 07.30 pm

Address : Arulmigu Valvil Raman Thirukkoil

Thiruppullaboothangudi – 612301

Thanjavur District


Phone: 91 + 94435 25365


aRivadariyAn anaittulagum uDaiyAn ennai ALuDaiyAn

kuRiya mANi uruvAya kUttan manni amarum iDam

naRiya malar mEl surumbArkka ezhilAr man’cai naDam ADap

poRikoL cirai vaNDu isai pADum puLLam bhuta’nkuDitAnE.


Those who attempt to know Him by their own efforts cannot realize Him. He is the creator of the whole universe. All the worlds are His SeshabhUtam [subservient to Him]. He owns me. This ‘highest truth’ accomplished magnificent feats in mahAbali’s yAgam, requesting for donation of land, just to help His devotees. His very gait in the yAgaSAlA looked like a dance. Having selected to reside here, He does not want to leave this puLLambhUta’nkuDi ‘surumbu’ bees sit on fragrant flowers and buzz around; graceful peacocks dance and bees with lines in their wings sing accordingly. puLLambhUta’nkuDi is such a naturally beautiful place.

mEvA arakkar ten ilangai vEndan vIyac caram turandu

mAvai piLandu mallaDarttu marudam sAitta mAladu iDam

kAvAr tengin pazham vIzhak kayalgaL pAyak kurugu iriyum

pUvAr kazhani ezhilArum puLLam bhUta’nkuDitAnE.


PerumAL released His arrows to kill rAvaNan, the king of ilangai inhabited by hateful rAskhasa-s; He busted open the mouth of keSi, who came masquerading as a horse; He vanquished the wrestlers; He crawled between two marudam [arjuna tree] trees an uprooted them. puLLambhUta’nkuDi is where that lord lives. It is a lovely place with lotus flowers growing in the agricultural fields. Ripe coconuts fall down from the dense palm tree groves on to the fields below, frightening the fish, that in turn leap around and appall the cranes that are waiting to eat them.

veRpAl mArip pazhudAkki viRal vAL arakkar talaivan tan

vaRpAr tiRaL tOL ainnAngum tuNitta valvil irAman iDam

kaRpAr purisai sei kunRam kavin Ar kUDam mALigaigaL

poRpAr mADam ezhil Arum puLLam bhUta’nkuDitAnE.


When indra rained hard on AyppADi, emperumAn held govardhana mountain and

thwarted indra’s plan. As rAmapirAn, He used His strong bow to sever the twenty stout, sturdy and muscular shoulders of rAvaNa, who was the king of valiant rAkshasa-s. He has chosen puLLambhUta’nkuDi as His permanent residence. This place is decorated with lofty forts, charming houses, palaces, halls etc all displaying artistic workmanship.

maiyAr taDam kaN karum kUndal Aycci maRaiya vaitta tayir

neyyAr pAlODu amudu seyda nEmi am kai mAyan iDam

seyyAr Aral irai karudic cem kAl nArai cenRaNaiyum

poyyA nAvin maRaiyALar puLLam bhUta’nkuDitAnE.


The dark-haired yaSodha was always applying collyrium to her eyes because of her fear for baby kaNNa, who might become frightened if she looked any different. She was always concealing ilk, yogurt etc from kaNNa’s sight. Is there a place that He does not know? Is there a place He does not exist? That emperumAn, who was adorned with tiruvAzhi [discus] always discovered the hidden goodies and consumed them with delight. He always went along with her plan and pretended as if He did not know the hiding places and at the same time ate them all. The place where that perumAL resides is puLLambhUta’nkuDi. In the fields, a kind of fish known as ‘Aral’ were in abundance; thinking of them as ‘meat’, red-legged cranes would approach these fields. A lot of brAhmaNa-s, who chanted veda-s with their faultless tongues, lived in this place. Thus, this was a truly great region.

minnin anna nuN marungul vEyEy taDam tOL melliyaRkA

mannu cinatta mazha viDaigaL Ezhu anRu aDartta mAladu iDam

mannu mudunIr aravinda malar mEl varivaNDu isai pADa

punnai ponnEy tAdu udirkkum puLLam bhUta’nkuDitAnE.


kumban, the king of yAdhava-s in mithilA, had announced that he would give his daughter, nappinnai, in marriage to the one who subdues the seven, ferocious bulls in his land. nappinnai had a very thin waist and broad shoulders; in order to win her, kaNNan killed seven furious bulls. The place where He resides is this divya dESam. Here, bees drink the honey in the lotus flowers that grow in the fertile fields and sing. Mast-wood trees shed golden-hued pollen. It is such a pretty place.

kuDaiyA vilangal kONDu Endi mAri pazhudA nirai kAttu

caDaiyAn ODa, aDal vANan taDam tOL tuNitta talaivan iDam

kuDiyA vaNDu kaL uNNak kOla nIlam maTTu ugukkum

puDaiyAr kazhani ezhilArum puLLam bhUta’nkuDitAnE.


emperumAn comfortably spoiled the attempt of indra to rain stones by holding the stony mountain and sheltered the cows. Sivan had promised to support bhANAsuran and protected him. KaNNan initiated a fight with bhANAsuran when the latter imprisoned kaNNan’s grand-son aniruddhan. Sivan, who came to support bhANAsuran was defeated and he ran away from the battlefield. Since bhANAsuran had lost a supporter, kaNNan had a compassion for him  (similar to the sympathy shown to widows) and instead of killing him, he just severed his shoulders. AzhvAr talks about the natural abundance of the place. Along with the families consisting of sons, grand-sons, wives etc, the bees are drinking the honey in the black water lily flowers that are producing a copious supply of nectar. The fields on the sides look very lovely.

kaRaiyAr neDuvEl maRamannar vIya visayan tEr kaDavi

iRaiyAn kaiyyil niRaiyAda munDam niRaitta endai iDam

maRaiyAl muttI avai vaLarkkum mannu pugazhAl vaNmaiyAl

poRaiyAl mikka andaNar vAzh puLLam bhUta’nkuDitAnE.


In the mahAbhArata war, a lot of spear-bearing kings came to the support of duryodhana. Those spears were all blood-stained; they did not even have time to clean them up; they were all known for their valor. In order to finish them all up, emperumAn directed arjuna’s chariot. He helped Sivan get rid of the curse by filling up the skull attached to the latter’s hand, with water droplets from His own tirumEni. puLLambhUta’nkuDi is the place where illustrious, generous and patient brAhmaNa-s keep the three agni-s flourishing, by chanting veda-s.

tunni maNNum viNNADum tOnRAdu iruLAi mUDiya nAL

annamAgi arumaRaigaL aruLic ceyda amalan iDam

minnu cOdi navamaNiyum vEyin muttum cAmaraiyum

ponnum ponni koNarndalaikkum puLLam bhUta’nkuDitAnE.


BhagavAn took avatAram as hamsam/annam/swan that has the capacity to separate milk and water, when all the worlds got submerged in darkness in order to fight the asuras (who hid the veda-s) and taught the vedas to brahma; He did this in the form of a bird because brahma may not be amenable to learning them if He came as an AcAryan. That perumAL is stationed in puLLambhUta’nkuDi. This place has another specialty. It is so wealthy from all the gems, pearls, cArmarams, gold etc brought with the waters of kAvEri.

kaRRA maRittuk kALiyan tan cenni naDunga naDam payinRa

poRRAmaRaiyAL tan kELvan puLLambhUta’nkuDi tan mEl

kaRRAr paravum mangaiyar kOn kArAr puyaRkkaik kalikanRi

coRRAn Iraindivai pADac cOra nillA tuyar tAmE.


sarveSvaran, who was giving royal audience to the nitya sUri-s, came as kaNNan and grazed the cows. In order to save a good pond from being poisoned, He danced on the hoods on the serpent, kALiyan, and drove him away. He is the lord of periya pirATTi, who appeared on the lotus. These pAsurams sung by the king of tirumangai are about tiruppuLLambhUta’nkuDi, where that lord is stationed. This AzhvAr is very well known in the circle of learned people. Just as rAma was praised during His reign, everyone was in praise of this AzhvAr. He was the most generous one, like the rain-giving clouds. He gave us these ten songs; that itself proves his generosity. There is nothing more special than this. All sins will vanish from those who learn these ten pAsuram-s.

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