Silver Kudam Kainkaryam


Bhagawadas have been in discussion with SrI Matam on samarpaNam of a Silver Kudam (One and Half Liter Capacity) with special decorations. This Kudam is intended for daily use to present specially prepared milk after Dheepa samarpanam at Paanaka AarAdhanam time for Malolan.

All are invited to take part in this Kaimkaryam. The estimated cost is only $750 ( Rs38,160 ) for this Kudam weighing 450 Plus grams. Also, you are requested to mention your design preference to Oppiliappan Koil V.Sadagopan Swami so that he could finalize the design in consultation with SrI Matam. Kindly contact this Swamin ( to send your samarpaNams in India and USA /overseas .

Any overflow from this Kaimakryam will be directed to another Kaimakryam under plan inside the Tanga Mantapam ( namely) the small leaf like jollars attached to the Golden umbrella over the crown of MalOlan . These jollars over time has been lost due to rubbing with daily garland samarpaNam and alankAram . Forty or so small golden jollars have to be replaced these and secured differently . This umbrella as you all know stands for the Eka ChakrAdhipatyam of Malolan .

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