Jaggery Laddu

Laddu (suggestive)
Laddu (suggestive)


Tamil name English name Measure
Kadalai Mavu Bengal gram (dhal flour) 1 kg
Ennei Oil 2 kg
Vellam Jaggery 0.750 gms
Elakka Cardamom 10 gms
Mundhiri Cashew nuts 50 gms
Nei Ghee 50 gms
Dried Drakshai raisins 10 gms
Sarkarai Sugar 50 gms


– Sieve the gram flour. Make a batter of it, neither too thick or too thin.
– Heat the oil in the frying pan. Pour a laddle of batter – a laddle with holes (jallik karandi) and tap lightly for the batter to fall as drops in the oil. For the laddus, the bhoondis or flour pearls must be very crisp. Remove the bhoondis from the oil when they are crisp and set them aside in a separate container.
– Make a syrup of jaggery with a little water. When you pour drops of the syrup into water they harden to form balls. At that consistency remove the syrup off the fire.
– Add cardamom powder, cashew nuts, raisins, sugar and ghee and mix well on a flat dish; they can be made into laddus when they have cooled.

Now its ready to serve the Lord 🙂

Note: Chanting the names of Sriypathi while preparing snacks will bring immense benefits 🙂


Sri Nrisimha Priya

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