Sri Hayagriva Stothram – 16

Madipakkam Oppilappan Koil Hayagreevar

Swamy Desikan continues with the anubhavam of the bhAgyasaalis, who meditate on Lord HayagrIvan in the sixteenth slOkam:


Oh Swami HayagrIvA! A few puNyasAlis meditate on You without let. For them, such dhyAnam is like being immersed in a flood of nectar. Thrilled by that delightful anubhavam, they experience horripilations. One wonders whether this great joy of experiencing You in their hrudhayAkAsam itself has led to the effect of their hairs standing on end. It appears that their blissful experience of contemplation on You has developed first roots in their hearts which later sprouts externally on their limbs as hair standing on end.

In this slOkam and the next slOkam, Swamy Desikan describes the anubhavam of the blessed ones engaged in dhyAnam of Lord HayagrIvan. RomAnjali and the flow of tears of Joy (aanandha BhAshpam) are the two perceivable effects as attested by onlookers. The sprouts of Aanandham seen on the limbs of the upAsakAs are mapped to the roots located in their hearts.

In this slOkam and the next one, NigamAntha Mahaa Desikan addresses the Lord in front of him as “SvAmin” with great humility and affection. He says that the dhyAnam on Lord HayagrIvan for the fortunate ones is like SudhAbhishEkam (neerAttam/bathing in the river of nectar). The result is Pulaka anubhandham (series of horripilatory experiences, one chasing the other) seen on the exterior of the body (angEshu ankurantham). Where is the root for those experiences? Swamy Desikan answers that question by tracing their origin to invisible portion of the heart, where such an aanandham is rooted (sTithi padham).

Sriman D. Ramaswamy Iyengar, a great BhakthA of Lord VaradarAjA and Swamy Desikan reminds us of the 45th slOkam from Sri VaradarAja PanchAsath to illustrate the blissful anubhavam of Sri VaradarAja BhakthAs that results in similar horripilations and aanandha BhAshpams:

bhUyO BhUya: pulaka nichithai: angairEthamAnA:
sTUla sTUlAn nayana mukuLai:BibrathO BhAshba Bhindhan
DhanyA: kEchith Varadha Bhavatha: samsadham bhUshayantha:
svAnthai: antharvinaya nibruthai: svAdhayanthE padham tE

Swamy Desikan describes here the frequent horripilations of the rasikAs of Lord VaradarAjan as they enjoy His indescribable beauty; their eyes are also filled with big and copious tears of joy. Sri HayagrIva BhakthA’s dhyAna-janitha-aanandham leads to similar experiences.

In the 16th slOkam, Swamy Desikan referred to the aanandAnubhavam of the fortunate ones, who through their dhyAnam have the SaakshAthkAram of Lord HayagrIvan and experience horripilations (pulaka anubhandham) from that anubhavam.


To be continued…

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