Thiruppallaandu – 9

painnAgaNaip paLLikondAn - Thi rupullANi
painnAgaNaip paLLikondAn - Thi rupullANi



In the “Yenthai tanthai” (6th PallANDu Paasuram), Azhwar celebrated the union withMumukshu ParamaikAnthis (Bhagavath Parars). In this 9th paasuram, AzhwAr singsPallANDu with them. Oh Lord! reclining on the hooded serpent AdhisEshan! We are YoursEshans and as such delight in wearing the robes used and discarded by You. Similarly, wedelight in partaking the nivEdhanam offered to You. We adorn the SrI TuLasi garlands offeredearlier for Your bhOgam (enjoyment). As Your Sesha BhUthars and ananya prayOjanars, weperform kaimkaryams commanded by Your SaasthrAs (Karthavyam) and even then we are notfully satisfied and to compensate for the insufficiency of Kaimkaryams to You, we engage insinging PallANDu for Your dhivya Soundharyam as You rest beautifully on AdhisEshan.


“Udutthu KaLaintha Ninn peethakavAdai udutthu kalatthath uNDu”: The PeethAmbharamadorned by the Lord is blended with Turmeric powder and sandal Paste and it is removed at the time of change in Aasanam offering during the AarAdhanam. Peethakavaadai refers to Thiruparivattam (dress piece worn on the head), anamsam of PeethAmparam adorned around the waist.

“Kalatthathu uNDu”: Whatever is left after Bhagavath nivEdhanam is the prescribed food for Seshans of the Lord, who introduce themselves as “Thvadheeya bhukthOnjitha sEshaBhOjinaa:” (Your servants, who partake the food offered to You and left over there after). Such DhAsAs who eat only Bhagavath PrasAdham cross Your (VishNU) Maayaa (Ucchishta BhOjinO DhAsAstava MaayAm Taranthy tE). AzhwAr says that dhAsAs of the Lord adorn with relish the Thiru Parivattam used by the Lord, Bhuktha sishta annam (leftovers from the Lord’s nivEdhanam) and the flower garlands used by the Lord as a mark of their DhAsyathvam for the Sarva Seshi, their Lord.


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