Thiruppallaandu – 10

painAgath thalai pAynthavan
painAgath thalai pAynthavan



In this Paasuram, AzhwAr describes the KaivalyArTees (those who were engaged in kEvala/mere svAthmAnubhavam) reciting PallANDu for Bhagavan as transformed Bhagavath ParALs,who have cast aside all other prayOjanams.

The original sanskrit text of Upanishad BhAshyakArar’s commentary is beautiful: AathmaDhAsyam HarE: Saamyam SvabhAvasccha sadhA smara ithyAdhibhi: “niscchitha:” asmathSwAmin! nirupAdhika nithya sEshiNa:Tava vishayE DhAsabhUthA:vayam ithi lEkhanasiddhikaram taddhinam “idham srEshta dinam! asmindhinEdhAsA:vayam gruhajanaparayanthatayA mOksha siddhim sameechina:”.

Oh Lord, who is the Master of all Prapancham! From many janmams to today, we thought ofourselves as independent ones (Svatantrars) instead of Para Tantrars and behaved accordingly.We did not learn about aathma dhAsyam and knowledge that Hari is the Sarva Swamy and felttotally independent of Him. Then we had the benefit of the divine upadEsam of theSadAchAryan and gained knowledge about our Svaroopam as eternal servants to the Lord,Sriman NaarAyaNan. We became Bhagavath ParALs and Bhaagavatha DhAsAs. That day ofgaining such knowledge is a day of matchless good fortune for us. This transformation in us tobecome ananya prayOjanars blessed many generations of our house and has redeemed us all.Therefore, we sing PallANDu out of gratefulness to You, Oh Lord, who entered the weaponsstorage area of Kamsan and broke a mighty bow there! We sing PallANDu to Your heroism injumping on top of the serpent with five hoods by the name of KaaLingan and subduing hisegotistic behavior.


Here, former KaivalyArthees changed through Bhagavath PrabhAvam their futile pursuits and were on their way to Moksham. They are performing PallANDu to the Lord for His intervention and blessing the entire generation with Moksha Sukham.


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