Sri Hayagriva Stothram – 20


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Oh Lord HayagrIva! It is said that Brahma Devan encodes the lot in one’s life on the skull at the time of birth (Brahma Lipi or Talai Yezhutthu). The chEthanan’s life is laid out in those instructions. Those lipis (aksharams written on the skull) interfere with the pursuit of Moksha Sukham and the performance of Tapas that would qualify one to realize such a ParamAnugraham.The jeevan suffers from the cycles of births and deaths (SamsAram). MokshAnugraham recedes farther and farther. The incomparable power of the sacred dust from Your lotus feet changes however the fate of the Bhaddha jeevan. BrahmA and other DevAs adorn the sacred dust from Your holy feet to overcome their misfortunes. May the power of those dust from Your sacred feet (PaadhAngri rENu) settle permanently on my head, erase the Braham Lipis and bless me with Moksham.

The Brahma Lipi in general and the DuruksharANi (inauspicious letters) on the skull interfere with one’s paadha sEvanam (worship of the holy feet) of the Lord. Sri D.RamaswAmy Iyengar recalls the following passage from Swamy NammAzhwAr’s Periya ThiruvandhAthi (paasuram 84) in this context:

“Vaazhthi Avanadiyaip punainthu ninn talayait- thAztthi iru kai koopenRAl koopAthu Paazhttha Vithi “

{adiyEn’s miserable fate will not permit me to praise Him, place with love flowers at His sacred feet, bend my head before Him and allow me to have anjali-bhaddha hastham (folding of palms in a mood of supplication)}.

That indeed is the power of Lipi (SirO lipi) Kramams. The dust particles from the Lord’s sacred feet found on the top of the heads of DevAs and BrahmA (SurEndhra ChooDApadha laalithAnam tvadh angri raajeeva raja: kaNA) however have the total power to wipe out (erase)
their ill effects and bless one with MokshAnugraham.

Swamy Desikan refers to this miracle performed by the sacred dust from the charaNAravindhams of the Lord in DevanAyaka PanchAsath (slOkam 45) and obiliquely in Srimath PaadhukA Sahasram (slOkam 50).

In DevanAyaka PanchAsath slOkam, Swamy Desikan wonders at the miracle of the instantaneous erasure of the bad letters etched by BrahmA’s own hand on one’s skull (Vedaha: svahastha likithAni DhuraksharANI). Swamy Desikan is moved by the miracle of the “Padha padma paraka YOGAM” (the union of the dust particle from the sacred feet of the Lord with the bad letters written by BrahmA on one’s skull) and their power to destroy those bad letters immediately without the need to perform any YOGAM.

In the 19th slOkam, Swamy Desikan prayed for the growth of Bhakthi at the sacred feet of Lord HayagrIvan. In the 20th slOkam, he prayed for the anugraham of the holy dust particles from the lotus feet of the Lord to settle down on his head to remove all anishtams (misfortunes). In the 21st and 22nd slOkams, Swamy Desikan focuses further on the sacred feet / ankles of Lord HayagrIvan.

In the 21st slOkam, Swamy prays for the removal of the darkness of nescience (aj~nAnam) through the lustre (oLi) of the gems enmeshed in the sathankais (gem-set ankle Jewelery) adorning those sacred feet.

In the 22nd slOkam, the sacred, Vedic dhvani (Naadham) arising from the movement of the bells attached to the sathankai on the ankles of the Lord. Swamy Desikan is the one, who wrote 100 slOkams on the Naadham generated form the Lord’s Paadhukai in Sri RanganAtha PaadhukA Sahasram. In the 22nd slOkam of Sri Hayagreeva SthOthram, NigamAntha Desikan refers to the sweet sounds raised by the ankle bells as the Lord moves towards him and equates those auspicious sounds to the essence of nigama saaram (quintessence of VedArthams).


To be continued…

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