Construction of New Theppam, Azhwar Thirunagari


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Every year, in AzhwarThirunagari, during Maasi Utsavam, Theppotsavam (Float festival) is celebrated over 2 days. First day Sri Polindunindra piraan and naachiargal enjoy the theppam. Second day, nammazhwar and acharyas (udayavar, kUrathazhwan, pillai lOkacharyar and vedanthaachariar) enjoy the theppam. The theppa kuLam (tank) is outside the town and was built by Kaarimaran Kalai Kappagam around 20 years ago. The theppam, due to its continuous usage (its is also lent out to other nearby divyadesams) for the past 20 years, is now in a very poor state.

Kaarimaran Kalai Kappagam has proposed to build a new theppam for this year’s (2012) Maasi utsavam starting March 2nd. They have acquired an estimate from a well known stapathi from Kumbakonam to make a traditional theppam using Aththi maram (Fig tree) which is very auspicious. It is estimated that they need approximately eight lakhs for this project.

All Asthikas are requested to come forward and contribute to build this new theppam and get blessed by Sri Polindunindra piraan, naachiargal, azhwar and acharyas.

Donations can be given by cheque in favour of “Karimaran kalai kappagam” (for 80G exemption) or “Athinathar Azhwar Kainkarya Sabha” (if you don’t need 80G exemption). You can also transfer money directly in to their account. For transferring money online, please contact us via phone or email.

Phone: 2844 0009, 9790923211, 9445400573

About Kaarimaran Kalai Kappagam
Kaarimaran Kalai Kappagam, a service organization, undertake organizing of BRAHMOTSAVAMS & PAVITHRA UTSAVAMS in needy temples for the past several years. Specifically in AzhwarThirunagari, every year, they are doing 3 Brahmotsavams, Pavithrotsavam and Navarathri utsavam. They also give out Pongal bonus/sambhavanai to all kainkaryaparas in the temple every year.

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