Sri Hayagriva Stothram – 23

SrI HayagrIvar in Vasanthapuram (Bangalore) temple (svAmi dESikan under the umbrella of SALagrAma mala)
SrI HayagrIvar in Vasanthapuram (Bangalore) temple (svAmi dESikan under the umbrella of SALagrAma mala)


Oh Lord HayagrIvA! Your right hand is resplendent with the Jn~Ana mudhrai intended for performing Jn~Ana Upadesam for Your BhakthAs. This Jn~Ana mudhrai is instrumental in instructing efficently all the saarArthams (essential and deeper meanings) of SiddhAnthams that has to be grasped by your devotees with sharp intellect (medhai as invoked by MedhA Sookthi).

In slOkams 23-25, Swamy Desikan shifts his attention to the lower right and left hands of Lord HayagrIvan. The upper right and left hands of the Lord adorn Sudarsanam and Paanchajanyam. The right lower hand holds the Upadesa Mudhrai and the garland of beads (Japa Maalai) and the left lower hand holds a pusthakam (book), while embracing MahA Lakshmi.

In this matter, Your sacred right hand serves as the tender instrument to kindle the wick (mEdhai) found in the lamps (dheepams) known as VedArthams. Your Jn~Anamaya ThirumEni is the Kalpakaa tree that grants all the boons that your BhakthAs seek during their intense meditation. adiyEn thinks intensely of Thy sweet and creeper-like tender right hand (Madhura-pallavAbha hastham), which performs Jn~Ana-upadesam for Your UpAsakAs.

The sweet right hand of Lord HayagrIvan holding the Jn~Ana mudhrA pose is beautiful to behold. It is soft like the tender shoot of a KalpakA tree and is an embodiment of Jn~Anam. It kindles the eternal lamps of Vedic knowledge lit with the wick (dasAsTAn) of bright and sharp intellect (mEdhai). This is the akhanda dheepam that is nourished and protected by the Lord. VyAkhyAna Mudhrai is the symbol of that act of upadEsam of the siddhAnthams.

Sri D.Ramaswamy Iyengar invites our attention to Swamy Desikan’s adoration of the UpadEsaMudhrA found in the hand of Sri RaamAnujA (YathirAja Sapthathi, slOkam 24), which removes the darkness of Ajn~Anam. Swamy Desikan’s own VyAkhyAna Mudhrai holding hand has been saluted by his son, KumAra Varadha Desikan in PiLLai AndhAthi this way: “Vaazhi VykkhiyA muddhiraik Kai”.


To be continued…

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