Sri Hayagriva Stothram – 31


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PeriyAShramam SrI LakshmI HayagrIvar with SrI RAmAnujA and SrI DESikA


Oh Lord HayagrIva! When adiyEn receives Your anugraham, all the doubts in my mind about our SiddhAntham will be erased. The true meanings will dawn majestically and take permanent residence there.The para matha scholars engaged in debate with adiyEn can not assail these true tatthvams rooted in adiyEn’s mind even by an iota. Therefore Your anugraham is vital to commence adiyEn’s kaimkaryams in support of our sampradhAyam. Please bless me.

Sri D.Raamaswamy Iyengar summarizes the meaning of this slOkam this way: “Oh Lord! By Thy benevolence, May the excellent real and true meanings (about Tatthva thrayam) ever adorn my heart, unshaken and unshakable by varied and various faultless forms of logic, and brightly disclosing truth removing all traces of doubts and similar blots”.

Lord HayagrIvan as DayA nidhi responded most heartily to His GhaNtAvathAran and blessed him to go forth into the world as NigamAntha MahA Desikan to carry out the duties that He assigned him.


The cosmology according to Sukha Brahmam (author of Srimath Bhaagavatham) recognizes seven dhvIpams in this Universe. One of them is Jambhu DhvIpam of ours surrounded by salty ocean. There are nine divisions (KaNtankaL) in this Jambhu DhvIpam:

(1) ILAvrutham (2) BhadrAchalam (3) Hari Varsham (4) KethumAlam (5) Ramyakam
(6) HiraNmayam (7) Uttharakuru (8) Kimpurusham and (9) BhAratham.

Ours is BhAratha KaNTam. Lord HayagrIvan is the presiding deity in BhadhrAsvam (BhadhrAchalam) according to Sukha Brahmam (Srimath BhAgavatham: 5.18.3&6). The naming of this mountainous kaNTam as Bhadra -achalam {auspicious (spatika) mountain} for the Bhadra-asvam (sacred Horse faced One) is very appropriate.

There are manthrams and sthOthrams for Lord HayagrIvan in Srimath BhAgavatham. The manthram salutes Him there as the quintessential meaning of PraNavam and as a dharma svarUpi, who banishes nescience through upadEsam on the redeeeming VidhyAs to bless one with Brahma Jn~Anam (vide: slOkam 5 of Sri HayagrIva SthOthram). The Bhaagavatha SlOkam (5.18.6) for the Lord of BhadhrAsvam reminds us of His avathAra KaaraNam:

VedAn yugAntE tamasA tiraskruthAn
rasaatalAdhyO nru-turanga vigraha:
prathyAdadhE kavayEapiyAchathE
Tasmai NamastEavitaTEhithAyatE


At the end of the kalpam, the asuran by the name of Madhu stole the VedAs from BrahmA and hid himself in the nether world (rasAtalam). Sriman NaarAyaNan took the form of HayagrIvan (Horse’s form above the neck and a man’s body below the neck) and recovered the stolen VedAs. AdiyEn’s salutations are to this Nru-turanga vigraham of the Lord!

Inview of His incomparable help to Brahma dEvan in recovering VedAs, He is saluted as: “KalpAntha gUDa nigamOtthAraNa PraveeNan”.

His auspicious (Bhadra) ThirumEni is therefore saluted in the context of His residence in the sacred BhadrAsvam or BhadrAchalam in Sri LakshmI HayagrIva Sahasra Naamam:

(PraNavam) Bhadra Srivathsa HaarAya Nama:
(PraNavam) Bhadra BhaavayithrE Nama:
(PraNavam) Sriman NaarAyaNAya Nama:
(PraNavam) VaasudEvAya Nama:
(PraNavam) VishNavE Nama:
(PraNavam) SrimathE HayagrIvAya Nama:


To be continued…


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